Working Time Directive

Accrue holiday pay for temps

enterpriSe Working Time Directive & Holiday Pay

Most workers cannot be forced to work more than average working week of 48 hours (normally to be averaged over 17 weeks). If a worker does not complete 17 weeks an average is taken over weeks worked.

enterpriSe manages those that opt out of the WTR and will produce a report showing the average hours over a 17 week period to monitor and maintain compliance for those that have not.

Employers must keep records available for inspection by certain officials to show compliance with weekly working time limit (unless opt out) and paid leave for up to 2 year, and to show which workers have currently agreed to opt out

Holiday Pay

Entitlement of 24 days paid annual leave (rising to 28 days from 1st Apr 09) and payment in lieu upon leaving if untaken.enterpriSe manages and calculates holiday pay taking the average basic over the last 12 worked weeks or as an average from when their holiday year start date. The start date can either be set the same for all temporary workers or as per their individual start date. It is optional to display the accrual on the payslip, however when holiday is paid it will show it as a separate line on their payslip. The temporary worker’s record will display the holiday accruals, history, year to date totals and holiday taken to rapidly answer queries.

The cost of the holiday accrual can be taken off the gross margin reports to give a truer reflection of how much money is being made per temporary worker. Different schemes can be set up to cover differing client-specific requirements – such as in agriculture.