enterpriSe all-in-one

Integrated Front and Back office.

enterpriSe all-in-one

An integrated front and back office recruitment agency solution ideal for any sized agency – from a single office start-up to a multi branch, multi division business. It is available as a locally installed server-based installation or as a cloud computing service and streamlines the recruitment process across the whole business.  As it’s based on one Microsoft SQL database it’s scalable for potentially unlimited users and database size plus duplication and double entry between front and back office is totally eliminated.

some enterpriSe all-in-one key elements

AWR compliance • BACS capability • CRM diary • Calendar Synchronisation • Candidate & Client database • Availability Management • Multi-shift Bookings • Rostering • CV parsing &  CV Keyword Searching • Outlook©Link • Fast Paced Shift Booking Entry • Weekly Booking Plan • Compliance Checking • Multi Branch & Multi Division Configuration • KPI Dashboard • Cloud Computing • Email & SMS • Online Time-sheet Portal • Integrated Sales Ledger • Pay and Bill • Pensions auto-enrolment • RTI compliance


Instant information everywhere - All users have instant access to all information

Better personal service - Consultants can access payslip, timesheet, holiday pay and AWR information for quick query response

Comply with regulations - Integrated modules and email/sms functions

Easy to use - Manages high volumes of multiple and disparate bookings with familiar windows and google type interfaces

Cloud Computing - Virtual enterpriSe just needs an internet connection to access software remotely

Sophisticated Reporting - All elements of enterpriSe have comprehensive management reporting functions

Front Office CRM/search and selection and Back Office pay and bill, - are also available as stand alone for organisations wishing to take that route.

Download the enterpriSe all-in-one PDF