enterpriSe Front Office

CRM booking system.


CRM Search & Selection Software

A candidate, client & job matching database solution that streamlines the management of the recruitment process from initial registration through every stage of employment to
ultimate payment.

CV’s and documents can be imported and content automatically interpreted or extracted.Various dashboards and browsers give instant views of candidate and client activities, there are a variety of booking functions and online portals for clients and candidates.


Cloud Computing or Local Installation

Photos or scanned documents such as a work permits, drivers licences, maps can be imported and content extracted

The advanced search engine makes matching easy to manage

CV parsing/scanning

Compliance checking

Fast paced shift bookings. Browsers give an instant picture of candidate activities and allow easy shift management

Availability list and booking plan

Candidates and clients can access timesheets online

There are sophisticated “Outlook-style” relationship management, calendar, task planning, reminder and automatic SMS and emailing functions

KPI Dashboard

Available stand alone or combined with Back Office in an all-in-one solution. There are many features specific to Temp environments.

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