SMS Special offer from firetext

enterpriSe firetext SMS

FireText SMS is now available on the enterpriSe platform


FireText are giving away 200 free credits to Intersoftware customers wanting to try SMS.

Sign up online at or call the team on 0800 038 5522 to get started.


Fill your vacancies fast !

Busy recruitment specialists spend lots of time on the phone to candidates updating them on their applications and reminding them about interview details. If you have to do this for every candidate and every vacancy it can end up taking over your day!

SMS messages can dramatically increase the speed that vacancies are filled by communicating with all candidates at once, without losing that personal touch; saving you money, resources and most importantly – precious time.

  • Discretion: An SMS message instead of a call keeps it discreet and doesn’t intrude on a working day
  • Update on application: An SMS keeps them in the loop and is effortless for busy consultants
  • Reach all candidates at once: One message can be individually personalised for each candidate.
  • Confirm appointments: send appointment reminder, add a link to website or give direction details
  • Target industry groups: Contact groups of candidates with new job vacancies split by industry
  • Generate interest with keywords: Advertise keywords and set up an auto-reply or application link