On-Line Portals

Mobile & desktop - Enter hours and expenses, download payslips or invoices, authorise timesheets.

enterpriSe On-line Portals


Our mobile friendly online portal technology means that recruitment agency employees and clients can log in to a special zone via a web browser to view and download a variety of documents.

The mobile portal works like an app and is designed to be viewed by a wide variety of mobile devices – from iPads and iPhones to androids.

The technology can be incorporated in your agency’s website and branded with colour schemes and logos of choice.

Employees can input, view and download essential job related information when on the move, clients can check and authorise workers information and even download invoices wherever they are. It’s designed to be easy to navigate and simple to use and will streamline processes for all.

Workers can view and print all their payslips online and download P60’s. Timesheet hours can be entered by either the employee or client and authorised online. Timesheet images or any other electronic file associated to the timesheet can be uploaded. Workers can log information about when they are available or unavailable for work – invaluable information for efficiently filling jobs.


Payslip Portal - log on and retrieve payslips without the potential danger of emails going astray.

Timesheet Portal - timesheet hour updates can be automatically tied to the email invoices, eliminating timesheet input and having to link up paper timesheets to paper invoices

Download payslips and P60’s

Create new timesheets

Input timesheet information

Authorise timesheets

Upload / download timesheet images

Access and download invoices

Automatically updates back office system

Hosted on cloud service or in house server

Download the On-Line Portals PDF