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Choosing the right recruitment software

Choosing the right recruitment software solution for your business is not easy. Recruitment companies operate in many different business sectors for both temporary and permanent staff so the solution you choose needs to flexible, modular and constantly adapting to business and market forces

Look at getting your recruitment software from a supplier that has a good track record and can prove they truly understand the recruitment business. They should also be able to demonstrate that their technology will not only reduce time and cost, enhance staff productivity and increase the bottom line, but ensure adherence to legal requirements – Agency Workers Regulations (AWR ), Pensions auto-enrolment, Real Time Information (RTI), Working Time Directive (WTD), Holiday Pay, CIS construction worker payments etc.

InterSoftware has been providing recruitment companies with software solutions for over 25 years and has particular expertise in Temp payroll software. The “enterpriSe” payroll software and billing solution is in use by over 300 customers

InterSoftwares’ enterpriSe recruitment software can be fully integrated – or modular. You can install just the front office CRM software or the back office/mid office pay and bill – or both.

It is fully up to date with all the latest compliance requirements. It can be implemented for any size of agency and also has some very specific features and advantages like Temporary Staff Payroll functions – for Temp agencies operating in fast paced high volume and shift environments.

It streamlines processes, reduces costs and assists profitability. The single recruitment database is SQL based – so no export between font and back office or entry duplication and unlimited users supported. It can work with other systems if required. It has integrated compliance email and sms/text modules plus online timesheet & payslip portals and a KPI Dashboard. It is available as a locally installed server-based installation or as a cloud computing service which incorporates a variety of hosted desktop computing applications.



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